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10 Ways to Make Money on Your Art While Traveling

10 Ways to Make Money on Your Art While Traveling

This week on our podcast, we’re talking about probably our biggest passion that we share: traveling, and how we make money in our business while doing it.

We probably love traveling more than anything else in this world, and we use these 10 easy ways to grow our business and make money while we travel.
 travel art in puerto rico

So, we didn't travel much in 2020 (and not at all internationally), but we're super hopeful about 2021 and beyond, which is why we decided to record an episode on this topic.


Also, you can 100% use every one of these strategies without traveling to grow your brand at home.


One thing to note: there’s no way to wave a magic wand and instantly make money on your trip. Like any business, these are practices to help you build the strongest business possible and you do that by increasing your traffic, building your engagement, and converting views to purchases.


Listen here:


10 Ways to Make Money on Your Art While Traveling

  1. Set your Etsy shop production times out - NOT vacation mode (listen to the podcast & you'll find out why this is SUCH a bad idea!)

  2. Take your Product Photos in travel locations by taking your handmade items with you on vacation

  3. Make Art Inspired by Your Travels & later turn it into a product

  4. Use affiliate codes & give shout outs to companies you already work with while you travel

  5. Build engagement with your followers by creating amazing content. Your followers are interested in what you do!

  6. Get new inspiration from the place you’re going to.

  7. Visit small businesses in the area and tag them on your social media.

  8. Leave free, small art in high traffic tourist destinations for promotion.

  9. Use that *airport time* to do planning or computer work.

  10. Recap your trip when you get back to “touch base” with your followers.

I left some free handmade journals in my local library, with a note inside sharing my social media handles.

We use all of these strategies while we travel to grow our small business and to strengthen our relationship with our customers & brand base. It's so much fun to bring our followers with us to the places we go and also to share what we love.


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