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15 Instagram Reel Ideas for Creatives

15 Instagram Reel Ideas for Creatives

In part 1 of this podcast, we shared why it is not too late to start doing instagram reels, tiktoks, and other short form videos. We shared some absolute GEMs about why reels work, what our results were when we started creating reels, and also what is a good goal to start with. So, if you haven’t listened to/read that post yet, and you’re brand new to creating video for your handmade or creative business, you should definitely go there first!

At this point, we’ve created hundreds of reels and videos for our business, okay maybe 1000s, and you would think that at this point, we’d be running out of ideas? 

Nope. Actually, here’s something really interesting, and I think it applies to all content you create in your business. 

The more content you create, the easier it gets and the never-ending supply of ideas actually gets bigger. 

We could literally come up with a hundred ideas right now for reels, like on the spot. Why? Because the more you do something, the more your audience responds, and you just get a feedback loop of content ideas that your customers give you.

Which is why today’s post is so fun, because we’re going to share a ton of reel ideas with you, feel free to use any or ALL of them. 

You can listen to this podcast episode here, or keep reading below!


Now, the ideas we’re going to give you can be used for your captions and for the concept of the video. We’re obviously not going to be able to explain how to do a certain transition or type of video here in this blog post that wouldn’t make sense but we actually show you how to do transitions, time lapses, stop motion, and time photos to music in our mini course, The Creative Reel. 


Today, we’re tackling that issue of brainstorming - the “uhhh I have no ideas” phase. So grab your notepad and let’s dive in.

👉 Pro tip: I highly recommend writing down the FIRST THING that comes to your mind as you read through these, and when you’ve finished reading, you’ll have an entire list of video content ideas for your Etsy shop ready to go!

Ready? Here are 15 Instagram Reel Ideas for your Handmade Products:

  • FAQs about your product 

This seems really obvious but I rarely see anyone doing it! Your customers need this kind of info to decide to buy, why wouldn’t you make reels about it?

  • Fan Favorites, get yours!
Show off your most popular products with short video clips.


  • Take something funny or cringy someone has said to you and make it the theme of your reel. Ex. “I already have too many stickers.”
This is a really good way to show off your personality and the truth is, people are nosy and they like getting in "on the gossip" and the cringy things other people have said. They can probably relate!
  • A simple idea…turned into this! 
This is a great reel concept for a before/after showing your initial idea or initial supplies, and then showing the finished product. Tell the story of your product from idea to finish!

  • Who doesn’t love a good X reveal
We use this type of reel often! It's perfect for sharing new product launches, holiday collections, final touches, etc. It's also good for: showing off your process or before and afters.
  • Ways I’m working on my _____
This is a way to share an Inspirational story. Share tips about your niche, or something relevant to your Dream Customer. Like how you're working on your home decor, self care, positive mindset, or parenting skills.
  • Daily Reminder

This is another storytelling style reel. Share about something your Dream Customer goes through, like struggling to stay organized, or feeling like she’s not missing out on something.
  • Thank you for all of your orders this week/month/year
This reel concept is good for nurturing your customers, storytelling about how you got started, or what your customers orders’ mean to you.

  • Things my ____ [kid/husband/etc] says to me while I make jewelry

This can be a funny reel, or a relatable reel. Practice storytelling about your life, something that your Dream Customers will find relatable!

  • Stickers I would eat [this could work with cute stickers, jewelry, novelty gifts etc]

This reel idea is perfect for showing off your quirky, fun side. You could use with pictures or videos of your novelty products.
  • Product review by _____

Get creative with this. Have your kid or pet review your product, or imagine your product being reviewed by a celebrity, TV character, etc. Remember: make it relevant to your Dream Customer

  • Me, doing the absolute bare minimum. Who else is with me?

Use this reel idea lifestyle content, like simple home styling, jewelry/outfits, self care!
  • The best sellers we never expected
This is another easy way to show off your most popular products.

  • Did you know I sell more than just X? I also offer [insert different products here]
Use this reel to highlight little known products, or something that isn't your main best-seller.
  • Where would you put this? 

This reel concept is great for stickers, art, home decor, etc. Change it up for clothing by saying “What would you pair this quote shirt with??”

So, if you took my advice, and you took notes while you read this, you now have 2 FULL weeks worth of content ideas for your social media.

And also, you can use these in so many other places besides your Instagram. You can post them to Tiktok, Pinterest, Etsy explore, Facebook, even your own website. 

👉 Pro tip: repurpose your content across all of your platforms.

If one of your goals this year is to get better at reels and video content, our mini course, The Creative Reel is the perfect place to start! 

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