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5 Things You Do NOT Need to Make it into the Top 1% on Etsy

5 Things You Do NOT Need to Make it into the Top 1% on Etsy

Become a top Etsy seller can be a daunting task, but it is definitely achievable with the right mindset and approach!In this post, we will be sharing 5 things we did not do to make it into the top 0.01% of all 5 million Etsy shops worldwide, in our first year on Etsy.

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#1 You don't need a Huge Following on Social Media

Many people believe that having a large following on social media is the key to making a ton of sales on Etsy. However, this could not be further from the truth. 

We made more than $80,000 on Etsy before we even started social media accounts for our business. 

Etsy has more than 90 million customers on their platform (as of 2022), so you do not need a huge following on social media to be successful. There are actually many top selling shops on Etsy, making millions each year, with not a single social media account.

While social media can be beneficial, it is not necessary.


#2 You don't need Fancy Equipment

When starting your business, don't start with your wallet. 

A lot of crafters love buying new tools and supplies, but this can lead to the mindset of thinking that your business isn't successful because you don't have a fancy piece of equipment. 

We started with basic equipment like a Silhouette, printer, and camera and have upgraded as our business has grown.

What’s really going to pay off in the end is how resourceful you can be with the equipment you have, and instead invest your money in expert training in skills you need to be successful like SEO, photography, and product research.


#3 You shouldn't pay for Etsy Ads

You do not need to pay for ads on Etsy. 

PLEASE do not pay for ads on products you aren’t already successfully selling. That’s the equivalent of lighting dollar bills on fire.

Etsy ads work the same way as your regular, organic products. They only show your products at the top of searches that your products would organically show up on. If your products are already converting well and showing up in search results, ads can be beneficial. However, if your products aren't doing well with SEO to begin with, you're just wasting money on ads. 

Instead, invest that money into a course like Dream, Create, Sell, which will teach you how to get to the top of search results without paid ads


#4 You don't need to Hire a Photographer or SEO Freelancer

Photos and SEO are the most important parts of your Etsy shop, but you really shouldn't pay someone else to do this. 

We did all of this on our own to make it into the top 1% on Etsy. SEO and photography are both skills you really should learn on your own, and we can teach you how. While we do outsource some of our product photography now, it is not necessary to be successful.


#5 You don't need to Sell Only Trendy Stuff

Some people believe that the only reason some people make a living on Etsy is because they sell the newest, flashiest trends all the time. However, this is not true.

Selling trendy items can help you make sales on Etsy quickly, but it is not the only way to be successful on Etsy. You can be successful by focusing on your niche and becoming the best you can be at it.

Some of the Etsy sellers in our program, Dream, Create, Sell, who are the most successful and making a LOT of sales very quickly are the ones who have gotten really specific in their niche and they don’t worry too much about the trends. Instead, they focus on getting onto the first page of search results in their niche using SEO and on having the highest quality customer experience.


In conclusion, making it into the top 1% of Etsy sellers is achievable with the right mindset and approach. Don't fall into the trap of believing that you need a huge following on social media, fancy equipment, ads, a photographer or SEO freelancer, or to sell only trendy items to be successful on Etsy. Learn Etsy as a platform and focus on your niche, and you will be on your way to success.


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