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6 Ways you can support Woman Owned Small Businesses

6 Ways you can support Woman Owned Small Businesses

Today we want to share with you 6 ways that you can support your favorite Woman Owned Small Businesses, because we all have favorite businesses, or friends/family with Etsy shops, and if you don’t know how to support them, we have ideas for you!

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✨But first...here are some AMAZING stats about women-owned businesses we just *had* to share with you!✨

  • 83% of Etsy shop owners are women

  • There are 13 million+ woman-owned businesses in the U.S.

  • Women-owned businesses employ more than 9.4 million people in the U.S.

  • In 1972 women-owned businesses only represented 4.6% of all businesses. In 2019 they represented 42% of all U.S. businesses (thanks MOMS!)


Ready for the list of ways you can support woman-owned businesses?


#1 Share their work.

Repost their work on Instagram stories, talk about it with your friends and family, or post links to their products or services on Facebook.

This is so simple yet so valuable!

#2 Connect with them and cheer them on.

Show up and participate!

When they go live on Facebook, be there!

When they invite you to an event, be there!

When they offer up a challenge or a contest, join in!

If you aren’t in a position to support their work by purchasing it right now, be their cheerleader!

And - I know we all hate the word “algorithm”
...but by commenting on their instagram posts, and interacting with them on social media, you can help their posts show up!

#3 Purchase from them.

Support small businesses financially by purchasing their work.

Trust me when I say this, you will make their day.

This isn’t a big box store, so anytime you make a purchase from a small biz, you are supporting a woman’s dream. It means the world to them.


#4 Leave them a 5 star review.

Don’t forget to leave them a 5 star review.


#5 Share photos of their products.


After you get your order from a small biz, take a photo after you have opened it and show off how cool it is (and tag them!) in your IG stories.


#6 Buy them a coffee

No, really. If this is a woman owned business that you know in real life, maybe she is your BFF or a coworker- Bring her a coffee or tea, or whatever her fave is. Send her a gift card to her local coffee shop. She is working hard, and you will brighten up her day by showing that you care.

How will you be supporting your favorite Woman Owned Small Businesses? We would love to know, and tell us who your faves are!! We want to cheer them on too.

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