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7 habits that helped us hit 11,000+ sales in our Etsy shop

7 habits that helped us hit 11,000+ sales in our Etsy shop

First, let's get one thing straight: growing a business and making sales happen is about daily, consistent work.

There are no secrets, only strategy and mindset. 

There are no shortcuts or hacks, no amount of ads or followers can flip a switch overnight. 

The truth is:

Most people are giving up way too soon and underestimating the amount of action and habits you need to build to be successful.

We know that it can be frustrating and demotivating when you aren’t seeing a lot of sales in your Etsy shop, but we want you to know that making the shift to DAILY SALES is not as impossible as it can seem. 

We've been there too. But, we're here to tell you, 11,000+ sales later, that it's possible to skip the years of not knowing if what you're doing is working by getting training from someone who has already achieved the success you're striving for.

That's why we created our course, Dream, Create, Sell, where we offer expert training, strategy, and mindset work to help you improve your skills faster and achieve your goals. This course really is the fastest and simplest path to getting Daily Sales on Etsy. We’ve helped hundreds of other Etsy sellers get there too!  

Now, let's talk about the habit changes that helped us hit 10,000 sales in our Etsy shop.

You can listen to the podcast episode, or keep reading below!


7 Habits that got us to 11,000+ sales on Etsy

#1 Batch working everything we could, such as photos, videos, and designing.


This is really important if you struggle to get everything done. You NEED to start batchworking.


And BTW - batchworking is not the same as multi-tasking. It doesn’t mean doing everything at once. Instead you work in batches to complete many related things at once before moving on.


Here’s an example: instead of photographing a single product each day as you make something new, you do all the making in a single session, and then all the photography in a single session one day, instead of multiple days.


#2 Focusing on money-generating tasks & not on “busy” work


You really want to focus on tasks that will truly lead you to more sales like increasing traffic with SEO, product research, creating upsells, and business planning.


PSA: this means *not* doing things that aren’t money generating like redesigning logos all the time, scrolling on social media for “research,” etc.


#3 Having 1-2 top priorities each day


We focus on 1-2 main priorities each day, instead of a long to do list. So, for example, a main priority for us might be “list 5 new stickers on Etsy,” so we’ll do that BEFORE anything else like getting on social media.

#4 Shipping out orders only 1-2 times a week


This is critical to creating more time in your business for money-generating tasks. You should *not* be shipping out orders as they come in. That’s really inefficient and you can get a lot farther by having dedicated shipping days no more than 1-2 times per week.


We ship on Mondays & Fridays ONLY in general, although some weeks it could get shifted to a different day.


#5 Over-delivering on customer service

This is one reason we’ve been really successful on Etsy. We underpromise and overdeliver on customer service. 


We include handwritten notes in many of our orders, we always ship when we’re promised our customers we will, and even when we make mistakes? We are honest and upfront with our customers and we make it right.


#6 Setting limits on our work time


It’s easy to work way too many hours in your small business. Going in without 1-2 main priorities each day, and not having a dedicated “STOP” time will lead you to look up and realize it’s been…14 hours of work that day?!


We have a hard stop each day. It’s usually 2:00 or 3:00 pm and no more work is done after that. This has helped us get better, faster, and more efficient with our time, not to mention enjoy more time off for family and fun activities.

#7 Manifesting and staying in a mindset of growth


So you probably read this blog post because you truly WANT to be successful on Etsy. A huge habit shift for us that helped us get there is to practice manifestation and focusing on our mindset.


You have to believe you’re worthy of more sales.


You have to be grateful for every single order that comes in, and even truly be joyful about the days without a single order because even on those days, things are still moving in your favor (even when you cannot see it).


These habit changes may not have instant gratification, but they are crucial for long-term success.


If you’re READY to grow more, and you want a step-by-step strategy to get DAILY sales on Etsy, you’re ready to enroll in our course, Dream, Create, Sell.

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