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Boyfriend/Husband Gifts - Shop Small Gift Guide

Boyfriend/Husband Gifts - Shop Small Gift Guide

We're back with another gift guide, this time with handmade gifts that are PERFECT for your boyfriend/husband!

Let's do it:


👉For the fantasy or gaming guy 

This Deluxe Gaming Advent Calendar is perfect for nerds & dnd fans! Each mystery item will be carefully wrapped so you don't accidentally sneak a peek of future days!

Shop TheDisc0Panda


👉For the Mountain biker, hiker, or outdoor explorer

Extra Large Desert Naturescape Sticker

Our one-of-a-kind unique landscape and tallscape decals are designed for ADVENTURERS!

Waterproof, scratch and weather-resistant, you can put these stickers on all of your outdoor gear like your favorite tumbler or water bottle, no matter what the size!

👉Or, our #1 sticker bought for guys is this Grizzly Bear that gets reviews like “my husband LOVES it!”


👉For the Dog Dad or Cat Dad:

Send in a photo of their favorite pet & get a custom digital pet portrait back to frame!

Shop DogsandDesigns22

👉For the Star Wars fan, get one of these COOL Linocut prints for his desk decor.

Shop MattCrawfordArt


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