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Full Time Etsy Sellers: What we have learned after making & selling 25,000 products on Etsy

Full Time Etsy Sellers: What we have learned after making & selling 25,000 products on Etsy

On this week's podcast episode, we share a behind-the-scenes conversation about what it's like to run a full time Etsy shop, and the lessons we learned after making and selling more than 25,000 handmade products.


Let's recap real quick....

We’re two sisters who are creative entrepreneurs. Katie is the artist of our company, and I, Taylor, market and run the business side of things.

We’ve each had separate Etsy shops for 5+ years.


In 2020, we launched an Etsy shop that became super successful. We started out selling face masks and then pivoted over to merging that Etsy shop with Katie’s sticker shop.

We learned everything we could about selling on Etsy, how to get found by the search engine and make more sales, Etsy do’s and don’ts, Instagram marketing for your handmade shop. We learned as much as we possibly could and I personally have studied Etsy optimization for about a year straight now.

We treat our Etsy shop like a full time business, because that’s what it is.

So, to this date, we’ve sold around 25,000, maybe close to 26,000 handmade products, which came from more than 8,000 sales. We ship all over the world but the majority of our sales are of course in the United States, but also Canada and Europe.

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Here's a short list of things we'd tell people about what it's like to sell 25,000 products on Etsy:

  • Batchworking in your BEST friend

  • We had to start buying supplies in bulk and that was $$$ scary

  • You have to take inventory once in a while to make sure you aren’t about to run out of supplies!

  • Some products don’t sell as well as you’d think, which is disappointing, but take it as a learning experience!

  • If a product is doing well, don’t mess with it

  • We have tried pretty much all the ways you can ship and Etsy’s integrated shipping is still the best way to go

  • Be nice to your postal workers

  • We have to clean and reset our workspace almost daily

  • Shoppers online have unrealistic expectations...you don’t have to give in every time they complain

  • On the other hand, you will get customers who leave you the sweetest reviews that just make your day and remind you why you do this

  • Remember to schedule days for creative time! Selling on etsy can include a LOT of admin work and packaging and the “just for fun” art can get pushed to the side. So remember to still create just for yourself so you don’t get burnt out!

  • Taking and editing photos probably takes us longer than anything else

  • Do the things you don’t like to do first in your day, get them out of the way so you’re then free to do the fun work


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