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Gifts for Artists + Creatives - Shop Small Gift Guide

Gifts for Artists + Creatives - Shop Small Gift Guide

Shopping small businesses for holiday gifts for your loved ones could not be more important. When you shop small, you not only get gifts that not everyone else has, but you’re making a real impact in someone else’s life.


You’re putting gifts under your Christmas tree (and that of the small biz owner!)

You’re helping with their mortgage.

& a real person does a happy dance.


So to help you find better holiday gifts & shop small, we asked other makers to send us their best gifts and we’ve put them all together in a series of short gift guides. 

Merry Christmas!

To start with today, here’s our Shop Small Gift Guide for Artists & Creative Gifts…

Artist + Creative Gifts


👉We will definitely be shopping that are literal works of art for our artist friends & fam. These blankets make a great gift for those in your life who appreciate the finer things but also have a more bold aesthetic.


👉 is super aesthetic & you can even have it personalized!



👉 We also LOVE that includes a guided inspiration journal, a collage pack, and the quirkiest paint palette earrings!



👉 who need to jot down their ideas or plans or reflections (it has perforated pages in case you need to pull out your page of ideas and pop it on your mood board, mirror, or files).


👉Has your favorite artist ever tried watercolor markers? Welcome to every creative person’s new obsession.

👉 & shop (affiliate link)


👉 is something I’ve been loving lately as an artist:


👉 & when I want to shop for a little treat for myself as an artist, I always shop :


👉Is your favorite artist an aspiring business owner, too?

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