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How to Get Your Etsy Products Found on Google

How to Get Your Etsy Products Found on Google

Today, I’m sharing with you how to get your Etsy products found on Google. 

You might be wondering, why would I need to do this, how does it help my shop, and is it a lot of work to get your products regularly showing up in Google?

Perhaps you’ve never considered having your products ranked in Google before. Did you know that 46% of all online product searches begin on Google? 

That’s nearly half of all of the billions of people searching for products daily online are starting on google and then clicking onto another site to buy, including Etsy.

You can listen to this podcast episode here, or keep reading below!

I have some very good news for you about the process of getting your Etsy products to show up on Google.

How your customers find your Etsy listings on Google works very much like how they find your products on Etsy. 

People type a keyword or phrase into the search bar and if your product matches, and the search algorithm will rank your Etsy product listing somewhere in the Google search. 

Your listings can be found on google in 5 places:

  1. Google search results (The main page of text in the “all” tab.)
  2. Google shopping results (The “Shopping” tab.)
  3. Google ads (Offsite ads, found in various places around Google and other websites.)
  4. Google image results (The “image” tab.)
  5. Google video results (The “video” tab.)

It’s not very common for your Etsy products to show up in organic google search results, just the regular search results, because honestly, it is too difficult to compete with large sites like Amazon or Walmart to get shown on the first page of organic results for one of your Etsy listings.

But, it’s actually very easy to get your listings shown in Google shopping, google images, and google videos, and you don’t have to do much work at all to get your products there!

Before we get into that, I do want to mention a couple of notes about ads and how to be strategic about getting your products on Google.

First, Etsy will show your products in google search results with offside ads if you are using them and so you may be charged the ad fee if the customer found you in google via an etsy ad and then purchased.

Second, you can actually pay for Google ads yourself, but this is a whole different topic I won’t be covering today.

And then, lastly, I wanted to mention that if you have your own website and you sell products there, you would obviously much rather send your google traffic to your own website with no fees and no competition than to Etsy where you might or might not get the sale.* 

*So, if this is you, you want to be strategic with that and make sure your own website products are google optimized.

Now, let’s talk about how to get your Etsy products found on Google!

So what does Google use to find your products? 

Google scans primarily two things in your Etsy product listings - your titles and your descriptions, but they will also scan your photos and the alt text in your photos.




The more niche and specific your keywords are, the easier it is to rank high in Google results. 

Another thing we want to keep in mind is *how* your listings appear in search results on Google (also Etsy). Your title will probably only show the first few words in the preview on google search results, so you want to be really strategic with the words at the beginning of your title.


In Dream, Create, Sell, we teach you our step-by-step framework on how to do SEO that will get you Etsy search traffic, and also we use focus keywords at the beginning of the title, which will be what will show in your listing preview in Google search. 

So if you are already using our method, you are already good to go. If you want to learn more about this and you’re ready to dive right into our course, start here! 

Essentially, you want to make sure you have strong keywords in both your title and your tags.


Next, you also want to make sure you have high quality photos. 

Google will not prioritize products, even if you have the right keywords, photos that are dark, blurry, or not clearly a product photo because the algorithm knows based on the behaviors of millions of people that people will not click on results with poor quality photos. Again, this is very similar to Etsy!

Good photos = better ranking in the search results on both Etsy & Google

Another part of what Google uses from your Etsy listings is the alt text behind each photo.

This is used for SEO purposes to scan the words you use to describe the photo, but alt text is also helpful for people who have visual limitations.

Finally, if you have a video in your etsy listings, Google often pulls listing videos that match with keywords and puts them in Google video search results.

While I’m not too sure that people are actually searching on Google videos for products to buy, my thought is that it can’t hurt to build your Google authority by having listing videos rank that you already need to have in Etsy anyway.

It does take some time to get your Etsy shop to become visible in Google results, so if your Etsy shop is brand new, don’t expect this to happen overnight…but here are some ways to strengthen your shop’s profile for google and make it more robust:

  • Make sure you have a completely filled out shop about page with keywords
  • Have 1-2 keywords in your shop title. You get 55 characters here so you want to make the most of them.
  • Use SEO-friendly shop sections
  • Put keywords in the 1st sentence of your shop announcement
  • Pin your products to Pinterest
  • If you have a blog, blog using keywords and links to your Etsy shop.

In general, the better optimized your product listings and your shop are for Etsy, they are going to be naturally better for Google as well because they both rely on search algorithms to organize the results and data for their users.


Finally, I just want to make one more note to reinforce that if you have your own website, I would spent zero time on optimizing your Etsy listings for Google (such as adding alt text) and I would spend my time optimizing my website product listings.

This is going to be a slightly different process and something I am not able to cover into this blog post, and honestly we don’t plan to cover because we are your Etsy experts and we want to focus only on helping you build the best Etsy shop possible. But I do say this to benefit you, because if you have a website you can send sales to, you want to do that so you don’t pay additional Etsy fees. 

But - if you are Etsy only and you don’t have a website at this time, I hope that this information has helped you understand how to get your Etsy products to show up on google. 

The stronger your Etsy listings when it comes to photo quality and SEO, the easier it is for your shop to frequently show up in google search results and bring in more sales.

Have questions about Etsy SEO and how to get your products shown on the first page of search results? Start with our Etsy SEO basics guide! 

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