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How to Market Your Business Without Showing Your Face on Camera with Tracy of Daisy Made

How to Market Your Business Without Showing Your Face on Camera with Tracy of Daisy Made

Are you an introvert and a business owner? 

Do you dread thinking about recording yourself Instagram stories, reels, or tiktoks?

Maybe this is the reason you've been putting off *really* committing to marketing your business but what we're sharing today is going to shift your mindset from "I'll be so awkward, I can't do it" to "Wow, I now have SO many ideas that don't involve showing my face!"

Fun fact: both of us used to be very uncomfortable about getting on video. You'd probably never know it now, seeing our Instagram, but we dive in to how we became comfortable in this podcast episode.

In this podcast episode, we interview Tracy Pendergast, founder of Daisy Made & the Magnetic Makers, an online community dedicated to nurturing and celebrating creativity.

Tracy shares some incredibly & easy ideas for how to successfully create content and market your products without putting your face on camera.

Pushing back against the idea that you have to be forward-facing to be a successful business owner, Tracy shares some strategies for giving your products life that we've never heard before & we're 100% inspired to try.

This episode is an absolute goldmine!

You can listen here or keep reading for a few of the ideas below!


Here are 3 ways you can market your handmade business as an introvert and without showing your face on social media:

#1 Show Your Product and Where You Make It 

We’ve all seen those reels or TikToks where small business owners show their products and are dancing or making silly faces. The truth is, that’s not for everyone and that’s okay! We don’t all have to be extroverted and silly to get sales. 

Having a small business is not a one size fits all approach when it comes to marketing. You can still show up for your business and not be on camera all the time. 

One way to do this is to make it all about the product and not about who is making it.

Show what the product is, where it’s made, and why you created it, maybe even how it’s used.


Focus on the products themselves from the start and throw in a few videos about yourself when you feel comfortable!


#2 Engage, Entertain, Educate

We love these three words!

The majority of videos that do well on social media do so because they are engaging, they entertain, or they educate, and you can do all of these things without being on camera. 

Make it a goal to interact with your products. Try to bring them to life like giving your products a personality of their own, or just showing how you use them yourself in a real life setting is helpful too.

If that’s something you’re not comfortable with engage with your audience and have them do it for you!

Ask your customers to send in videos of them using the products or leaving reviews. They can even stitch your videos to make them more interactive.

You might not know this but a LOT of major brands are all using "user-generated content" these days, where they are posting the videos and content that their customers create. Small businesses can absolutely do this too.

When you show the products coming to life, and that includes videos of your customers, potential buyers will still be able to see who uses the product and how much they love it. 

#3 Capture Yourself and Your Brand

You can still be on camera without showing your face. 

We always encourage folks to try new things and something to work towards should be recording yourself and your creative process.

You can do this by recording the back of your head, and your hands, and still make the video engaging and educational. 

You can also do voiceovers to highlight the educational part of what you do!


Just a quick recap:

There are a TON of ways you can market your small business without showing your face on camera like:

  • Before/After
  • Process Videos
  • User-Generated Content
  • Giving your product a personality
  • Showing the product in use
  • Educational Content
  • Showing parts of you like your hands, back of your head, without showing your face

Marketing your business should feel fun and empowering. If anything doesn't feel good to you, find an alternative!

You can also find Daisy Made here

And on Instagram: @hellodaisymade

ALSO - if you're ready to join an incredible creative community, you can get 15% off (forever) your Magnetic Makers subscription with the code STUDIOSISTERS! Join here.

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