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How to Stay Positive as a Creative Person - Part 2

How to Stay Positive as a Creative Person - Part 2

"When we experience joy, we don't lose ourselves, we becomre more truly ourselves." - Anatomy of the Heart, Brene Brown

Keeping your mind in a positive place is important for creatives and entrepreneurs. When you have a positive outlook on your business or your life, you grow more, do more, and love more. 

With a positive mindset, we feel better about ourselves and this leads us to enjoy our time more and also have more productive and fulfilling experiences in our work and creative projects.

This is part 2, so if you haven’t listened/read Part 1, we recommend going back and listening to the previous episode before coming back to this one. You can find that here!

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In Part 1, we shared 5 easy strategies for helping you stay positive including mantras, playlists, and the 5x5 rule.

We’ve got more ideas for you, so grab a cup of coffee or tea and we really hope you enjoy this episode and find it helpful.


You can listen here, or keep reading below:


Should we jump right in? Here are even more ideas to help you stay positive as a creative person!

#1 Tangible Daily Reminders

First, think of the places you touch and see the most often in your day. This might be your car mirror, the back of your phone case, your phone lock screen, your fridge, your bathroom mirror, your laptop.

Pick 1-2 places and put your mantras that we mentioned in the previous episodes here. You can use something pretty like a sticker or mantra card, or just a post it note or digital image.

If you struggle with creating habits and you know you want to do better about thinking positive thoughts intentionally every day, this is a great tip to be more consistent is by making it easy to see.

Also, we sell some super cute mantra quotes, mirror decals, and stickers in our shop! 

#2 Create a gratitude journal or jar

We’ve mentioned this before on the podcast, but taking a minute to write down what you’re grateful for once a day can really help you stay in a positive and healthy mindset. All good things come from gratitude. 

#3 Treat self care like it’s a part of your business

When you feel good, you create good.

Take care of yourself. Rest when you need to and don’t think that rest is a negative thing. Take breaks, and sometimes it’s okay to break your schedule and put off your to do list to just go get some fresh air or take a nap or do something that is taking care of you.

#4 Unfollow negative or triggering social media and block people when necessary

This is one of my mental health tips. I know we’ve both had people say really negative comments on our social media and about our products for basically no reason.

Or, if seeing certain social media accounts makes you feel unhappy or upset in any way, unfollow them or block them. You do not need that. Think of this as a good in, good out process.

Where your mind goes, your energy flows. So, let’s just remove these social media accounts completely from your space. I promise you, if you feel triggered by an account, unfollowing or blocking them is going to immensely help with your ability to stay positive, especially when you’re on social media.

#5 Make your workspace fit your needs

If you have physical limitations to your creativity like injuries or health conditions, don’t be afraid to change up your space to make you the most comfortable while you create.

It can feel really frustrating, I imagine, to craft and create if you are in pain or have trouble with dexterity, or any other kind of physical limitation. If you have back pain, no one says you have to work at a traditional studio desk. You could sit on the couch and paint or on a floor cushion.

 Your workspace does not have to look like the studios you see on instagram - it needs to be comfortable and supportive to your own creativity.

If you don’t have them already, you might need additional tools or supports like a lap desk, folding tray, flexible lamp, or other tools, and having these could make all the difference because if you feel physically comfortable doing the work, you’re more likely to have positive self esteem about your limitations and enjoy your creative projects more. 

Crafting and creating can make you feel better, and has been linked to things like higher quality of life and greater self confidence, and we hope you’ve enjoyed these other ways to adjust your thinking and have a positive mindset when you’re feeling maybe a little less joyful than usual.

Remember that every day, you are presented with a choice about what mindset you are going to have, and using one or a couple extra tools for staying positive can have a huge impact on your daily mindset.

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