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How We Built a 6 Figure Etsy Shop

How We Built a 6 Figure Etsy Shop

In this episode, Taylor & Katie talk about their Etsy journey and the do's & don'ts of their Etsy strategy, which led them to a 6-figure, top 0.01% globally ranked Etsy shop. 


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Have you ever struggled with knowing how to grow your Etsy shop?

Have you ever felt like you put the time into your business, and you were super excited for it to take off...and then you felt like you got nowhere?

Do you feel overwhelmed by all the information out there for small businesses?

Or, perhaps you’re just not sure yet what your niche is and who your target customer is?


Maybe you...


  • Don’t know what you’re “doing wrong” in your Etsy shop…


  • Aren’t good at selling your work…


  • Need help with product photography…


  • Feel confused about Etsy SEO, keywords, and “optimization”


and, You are ready to GROW but…

  • You feel like your audience is too small and,


  • You have no idea how to know what actually works


So, here's the thing. We used to be there too.

If only we’d known years ago what we know now about selling handmade online.

We worked really hard to learn everything there is about Etsy for artists and handmade sellers.

Today, we use Etsy SEO to drive traffic to our shop, and the right images & descriptions that speak specifically to our ideal customer, so that we easily convert views into sales.

Since March 2020, we’ve been able to generate more than nearly 10,000 sales of more than 25,000 products (a 6-figure income), all on Etsy alone*

*without paid ads of any kind.

We just needed a STRATEGY.

So... you might be wondering, how on earth did we do it?

How do we make so much $$$ on Etsy, selling handmade products?

How do we stand out on such Etsy, when it’s so huge?

And the answer is…

We treat our Etsy shop like a full time, 100% real business, because it is. 

There’s a specific strategy and a specific PURPOSE to everything we do in our handmade business, instead of those random, maybe-this-will-work, shot-in-the-dark methods that many Etsy sellers use. We don’t use guesswork.

And the cool thing is?

We turned this exact strategy into an easy,step-by-step guide that you are able to fully duplicate!

We learned, that to be successful on Etsy, you need to be able to:

  • Stand Out in your Niche 
  • Identify Your Dream Customer
  • Take Beautiful Product Photos
  • Price to Make a Profit
  • Understand Shipping Options
  • Increase Etsy Sales Conversion Rate
  • Understand the Etsy Algorithm
  • Do Keyword Research

Once we began implementing these parts of the strategy, it all began to click into place.


Our business has allowed us to:


  • Make & sell more than 25,000 handmade products on Etsy


  • Have multiple best-selling products on Etsy’s homepage


  • Make more than $100,000 on Etsy since launching in 2020


  • Have the time to do everything we want including traveling, creating, and spending time with our family.


It takes time to grow, but it also takes a plan. Staying committed and consistent with your business is extremely important, but you also need to be able to take the guesswork out of your Etsy shop.


If you're ready to implement our Strategy, you want to check out our FREE Etsy Seller training here!

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