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Should You Pivot Your Etsy Shop?

Should You Pivot Your Etsy Shop?

Have you ever considered completely changing everything up in your handmade business & starting over with something totally different?

Today, we’re going to dive deep into the reasons you might consider pivoting your Etsy shop, how to make that decision, and if you are ready to make changes, what that process actually looks like.

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There are a lot of up and down emotional states we go through as creative entrepreneurs and one of the ones that comes up often is, “should I pivot my shop?”

“Should I reinvent my business and completely change directions?” 

Reflecting on your business like this is SO, so healthy for you. 

It doesn’t mean you’re giving up, it means you’re growing. 

I promise you, every doubt you have ever had about your business, we have had it too, as well as every other handmade seller out there.

Here are 4 reasons that could be a sign it’s time to pivot your Etsy shop and change up what you sell:


1. You’re burnt out/you have no inspiration/you feel stuck

    If you’re feeling really uninspired or you’re feeling stuck because you feel like you’re just doing the same things over and over, this might be a sign you are ready, as a creative person, to make some changes.


    2. You have no sales but you used to

      This is probably the biggest indicator that you should consider pivoting. If you used to have really consistent sales, but you don’t anymore. 

      This could be a simple SEO issue but it could also be that if you are making really trendy products but the trends aren’t so hot any more, you may need to pivot to get your sales back up again.

      3. Extraordinary circumstances

        Obviously, we hope that another global pandemic never happens again, but this is a crazy, once-in-a-lifetime example of an extraordinary circumstance that might force you to have to pivot and change what you offer very quickly. 

        Many etsy sellers had major supply chain issues that left them without supplies to make their products and they had to switch up their offerings and product lines very quickly and adapt to these changes.

        4. Priorities have changed

          This is another common reason that people pivot their Etsy shop. Your priorities and life goals have changed. Maybe you’ve moved, changed jobs, gotten married, had kids, or you’re in the military, or you’ve gone back to school. There could be a lot of different reasons here, and it’s honestly usually more than one thing right?

          You could be feeling like you no longer have the extra time for your business side hustle, or you’re no longer able to ship out products like you used to. If you’re feeling the struggle to get everything done because your household or lifestyle has changed, this could be a sign it’s time to change things up and pick a new direction.



          Any of these 4 main categories are all really valid reasons to change or pivot your business, and you shouldn’t feel bad about adapting your small business to fit your lifestyle or the economy.

          Before you jump into pivoting and making major changes, it's important to take a critical look at your business and be honest with yourself about the two questions I’m about to ask you, especially if the issue is not enough sales:

          1. Have I actually given my shop enough time to grow?
          2. Have I actually put in the work?

          It’s tough to be honest with yourself, but I have often worked with Etsy sellers who are ready to give up, but when they really think about it, they’re rushing the process or they truly haven’t completed all the steps necessary to having a successful business.


          Considering a major change in what you sell or changing up your brand is about reflection and balance. Before you move on, just make sure you’ve truly put in the work to be successful.

          It can be really disappointing and frustrating to be thinking about changing up your business too. 

          You might feel stressed out about having to learn something new, or feel like you wasted your time. But I promise you, anything you did to pursue your dreams, push yourself, and improve your skills as a small business owner is never a waste.

          If you are thinking about pivoting, you need to re-frame your frustrations into opportunity. 

          What new opportunities would pivoting provide you? 

          You really never know how close you are to a major breakthrough. 

          If someone had told me in 2020 when we started our Etsy shop that I’d be quitting my teaching job 4 months later, I never would have believed it.

          In conclusion, examining your business and considering a pivot is a healthy and normal part of the journey as a creative entrepreneur. It doesn't mean you're giving up, but rather growing and looking for new opportunities. Before making any major changes, be honest with yourself and make sure you've given your shop enough time and effort. 

          Remember, pivoting can open up new doors and bring you closer to a major breakthrough.

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