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The Styles & Trends We're Inspired by Right Now - Spring & Summer 2021

The Styles & Trends We're Inspired by Right Now - Spring & Summer 2021

We’re here with a full length podcast episode all about our favorite trends & predictions for Spring & Summer 2021. 

We talk all about colors, styles, and practices that we’re excited about in the next couple of seasons.

Listen now:


Trend #1: Cottagecore

cottagecore floral girl sticker

The first trend we’re really inspired by for the spring & summer is all things cottage core. We’d describe it like backyard garden meets fairyland.. Imagine your grandmother’s cottage but in a more modern minimalist way, and then with a lot of woodland magic.


  • Drew Barrymore in Ever After style, renaissance inspired clothing and art
  • Also, picnics - this actually is like the perfect thing to do in 2021 because it’s easy to do it alone or socially distanced. We’re thinking we’ll see a lot of picnics with good cheese and fruit and making art on instagram & pinterest this year.
  • There’s cute animals... we’re seeing a lot of woodland animals alongside the cottagecore trend with a bit of a fantasy style illustration, so it has a very spirit animal sort of vibe, which we love.
  • And, Gardencore is also big right now and sort of an offshoot to cottagecore. Wildflowers are always a Spring trend, but even bigger this year.
  • We actually have quite a few stickers in our shop right now that Katie’s designed that are all very cottagecore, so if you’re obsessed with this trend, go check them out.

Trend #2 Postmodern & Abstract Art

The next trend that’s inspiring us right now is Postmodern Art & abstract styles. We’ve seen this in the past year or so, but now I think the colors are changing away from the boho vibe to include either really bright colors or the colors of the 80s & 90s like burgundy, mauve, all shades of yellow.

The postmodern vibe is really making an appearance in a lot of the home decor blogs and instagram accounts we follow. Think mauve velvet shell chairs, actually a ton of velvet in general. 

This is a great trend to be inspired by if you make jewelry too. The rich color blocking tones lend themselves really well to clay jewelry. 

There’s also a lot of figural shapes: faces, hands, and profiles. 

Trend #3 Mindful Art & Poetry

The third trend we’re loving for spring & summer of this year is Mindful Art and Poetry.

We think that Morgan Harper Nichols is a great example of someone who creates Mindful Art. She combines beautiful digital artwork with her poetry which is always very uplifting and a has good reminders about being mindful, taking your time, and living in the moment.

Alongside Morgan, there are a lot of other amazing poets on instagram.

It’s kind of like we all rediscovered poetry again at the beginning of this year with Amanda Gorman.

Mantra & Quote Art ties into this topic really well. Mantra art is different from the short modern poetry movement. Instead of a poem, it is a shorter phrase, such as “Trust your Intuition” or other short happy phrases, created in a very fun hand lettered or illustrated way.

We really love that so many people are incorporating text into their artwork. It’s going to age really well because when we look back on it in 10 years or 50 years, it’s there to help capture how we’re feeling in this moment.



Trend #4 Happy Colors

The last set of trends that is really inspiring us right now are all the new color palettes people are using in 2021!

First, Rainbows. Rainbows are everywhere, including our own art. 

This year I have been doing a 100 day project with my friend Smitha Katti, where everyday we are incorporating rainbows into our art in some way or form. You can see mine on my feed. If you want to join in, post your rainbow art to instagram with the hashtag: #100daysofrainbow🌈 (make sure to include the emoji on the end!)


As a side note,  If you don’t know of the 100 day project, it is a free global online challenge, run by Elle Luna & Lindsay Jean Thompson where you choose a creative project, do it every day for 100 days, and share your process online. We’ve participated a few times, and you can find out more about it at the100dayproject.org/ We’ll put a link in our show notes for you.

There are also some unusual colors this year but it’s exciting because we haven’t seen these colors around in a long time. Etsy is predicting that Sky Blue will be so big, especially in fashion & weddings. Also, it makes a great complimentary color rather than a main color, if you’re not into pastels. 

Fiinally, let’s talk about Pantone’s Color of the Year: Ultimate Gray + Illuminating Yellow.


Every year Pantone releases their “Color or colors of the Year, based on trends and what they think will be popular. We have mixed feelings about these two. Grey and yellow can add a nice touch to other color schemes, but they aren’t colors that we personally would choose just as a combination on their own.

The Illuminating Yellow is very sunny and will be a really trendy shade of yellow for summer. Yellow conveys positivity in a way that we all want and crave right now so it makes a lot of sense. 

So, that’s our Spring & Summer trend round up. We hope you guys liked it and it’s inspiring and fun for you to think about trends. We’re really interested in what you love or what you hate! 

TELL us what you think! Send us a DM on instagram about these trends like if you’re incorporating one or all of them into your art, or if you’re going in a totally different direction.


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