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Announcing The Studio Sisters Podcast!

Announcing The Studio Sisters Podcast!
How can I feel more creative? Grow my handmade business? What is Etsy SEO? How can I grow my Instagram? How can I use Pinterest to increase my sales traffic? How do I make more money as an artist? Can I travel & make money on my art? How do I promote my shop without feeling sales-y? Can I create passive income? How do I make my dream business happen?
Welcome to the Studio Sisters Podcast where two sisters, Katie & Taylor, answer these questions & more. We help you make meaningful income online with Actionable Etsy Strategies, Social Media Tips, and help make your DREAM LIFE happen.
Our podcast launches January 12th, on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and more, but in the meantime, we have 2 TEASER episodes that you can listen to RIGHT NOW:

If you want to grow your online creative business, and live your best life, Please give our podcast a listen, subscribe and leave a review wherever you like to listen to podcasts! Ready to GROW your handmade biz? Get our FREE Fast Guide to Etsy SEO! Learn the basics of Etsy SEO in 15 minutes to get more sale traffic! Talk to you on January 12th! xx Taylor & Katie xx

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