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Get Started with a Travel Journal

Get Started with a Travel Journal

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Today on our podcast, we’re talking about one of Katie’s favorite art projects to do, and it’s something we both really like doing: Travel Journals!
So, what is a travel journal?
It’s a book or journal you take with you on a trip, to document that trip in some form, be it writing, drawing, or collecting the ephemera you get.
The start of a new year is the perfect time to start a new journal or to try travel journaling for the first time. Here are a few reasons why:
  1. We all need a fresh start
  2. Trying something new can feel really good & inspire you
  3. You can make a travel journal by yourself
We know that you might not be traveling far from home right now - or even at all - but you can still practice field sketching and build a beautiful travel journal without leaving the city or town you live in.
What should you put in a travel journal?
It depends on your specific style. If you don’t love writing out your day, maybe just put in 1 word sentences about what you did each day. If you hate drawing, trying adding photographs or postcards. The point is, do something you actually like!
Whatever your style is, here are some ideas of what to include:
  • Journaling about your day.
  • Record the things you learned. Did you learn a few words in a new language? Or the history of a local place that you never knew about?
  • Sketching. This can be urban or field sketching, meaning taking your journal into the city (or country!) and drawing the scenery.
  • Tickets, Maps, Brochures.
  • Postcards!
 art journal in arizona
What is the difference between a Travel Journal, a Scrapbook, and a Photo Album?
A scrapbook or photo album is something you create after the trip. You’re documenting the photos you took.
A travel journal is kept during the trip, so you get to document things as they happen and focus more on stories.
Our Favorite Supplies
Here's a great round-up of some of our favorite supplies to create travel journals.*
1. Use a great journal.
My go-to is the Travelers notebook style, where you have a leather cover, and then multiple journals inside. You can bind your own journal inserts or buy them pre-made.
2. Watercolor Markers to add color, paint, and have a lot of art options on-the-go
3. Bring other basic supplies while you travel!
  • An adhesive runner
  • The basics- pencils, erasers, pens.
  • Washi tape
Why you should travel journal?
Documenting your travels - big or small - has tangible value.
Documentation like travel journals, scrapbooks, or even a blog or a photo album is important and has value in your life because you won’t remember everything in 20 years or 30 years, but you will absolutely love and appreciate the time you took now to record those stories, save those ticket stubs, and create those journals. It’s literally a window in time.
Talk soon friends!
xx Taylor & Katie xx
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