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Why You Should Be Using Pinterest to Drive Sales on Etsy

Why You Should Be Using Pinterest to Drive Sales on Etsy

Let’s talk about Pinterest and your Etsy shop!

Finding ways to drive traffic to your Etsy shop should be one of your top shop priorities, but let’s be honest it’s not easy. 

You've probably tried a complex social media strategy like posting every day on instagram, or hopping on trends on Tiktok to grow your business, and chances are...you found that time-consuming!

The most important way you can grow your Etsy shop are by using Etsy SEO but another good strategy is to use Pinterest!


Our friend Naa Ardua of PaperFlo Designs is a top 1% Etsy Seller who uses Pinterest to drive traffic to her very successful SVG & PNG design Etsy shop.

Using other platforms like Pinterest is a great way to increase traffic and get more visitors to your Etsy shop. Interested in learning how? 

You can listen here, or keep reading below:


Here are our top 3 reasons why you should be using Pinterest!

#1 A Pin Lasts a Lifetime 

Pinterest isn’t like social media platforms where you feel like you are on a never-ending hamster wheel of social media just spinning your wheels to get some traction.

Pinterest is different in that your pins will stay there *literally* forever.

Your content isn’t as fleeting as it is on other platforms which means you don’t have to post something every single day. Even as Pinterest moves to add new video functions to its platform you still don’t need to post every day. 

If you’re creating a pin that resonates with people and has good engagement it will send customers your way for years to come!

#2 Original Content Does the BEST

If you’ve ever been on Pinterest you know it’s insanely easy to share and pin content from other users.

Here’s the secret thought…Pinterest users LOVE original content, especially lifestyle images of your products. 

This is one of our top Do’s for using Pinterest-create your own content and use a site like CANVA to keep it original and fresh!

You can easily create collages of your products and use lifestyle mockups to keep things clean and professional looking. Your Pinterest audience will love it, we promise.

Here's a couple of quick tips we've gained when it comes to original pins:

  • Don't pin the same links more than once a week (so we like to rotate through our links, pinning each link about 1-2 times per month, with new images or fresh videos)


  • Don't re-pin the same photos over and over. Take new videos of your products (even short 3-5 second clips work!) or use Canva to put your images into graphics making them "new" to the Pinterest platform


  • DO use your Etsy shop images! Re-size or crop your Etsy images to fit Pinterest's ideal ratio, which is 2:3 or just use Canva's automatic sizing (search Pinterest pins under their templates)

#3 Play the Long Game

Now you may be wondering how quickly you’ll be able to grow your audience using Pinterest, and honestly, it’s going to take some time. Pinterest is all about the long game. 

Don’t expect rapid results. It could take 1+ years for you to start seeing consistent traffic from Pinterest to your business. Don’t get disheartened though - this is totally normal!

Pinterest is a search engine, and it's more like Google than it is like social media. It may take time, but people will find your content! You just have to have patience and use the right keywords to drive people to your pins. 

The great thing about Pinterest thought is when you do start to build and get results you get them for years to come!

If you are curious about how Naa Ardua made selling SVGs on Etsy her full time job, you might want to check out her course here (affiliate link)!

Still want to learn more about Pinterest? Check out our other interview with Rachel Emma Waring, Pinterest for Product Sellers.

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