Get Past Creative Block!

One of my passions is helping other artists like myself to make their own beautiful art.

However there is this thing called art block that happens to us all, yes, even me, even all of your favorite artists throughout history.


I know how it is: You see so many of your friends or inspirations posting gorgeous art on instagram everyday, but then when you sit down at your desk, You've got nothing.

The inspiration gods didn't visit you today. I've totally been there.

I decided to create this mini challenge to help you past that creative block and to make something fun while you're at it.

sign up here to take the challenge!

    I am running a challenge all about how to get out of a creative block and I would LOVE to have you join me! It’s a 3 day challenge and you can join at anytime!

    But what is it, you're asking? I have created 3 days of actionable art prompts where I show you how to make a mood board and how to create 7 art pieces inspired by it. This will be run as a free email challenge, so everyday during the challenge I will send you an email with the prompt for the day!


    When is it?

    ANYTIME! You'll receive the free prompts for 3 consecutive days after you sign up!

    How will I get the prompts?

    I will send you an email every morning during the 3 days of the challenge with the prompts and tutorials inside!

    I'm not a painter, Can I join?

    Yes! You can definitely adapt the prompts to different mediums!

    Where do I share my projects from the challenge?

    Share them on instagram with the hashtag #creativeblockchallenge and tag us @studio.katie and @shopstudiosisters