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Get Past Creative Block!

One of my passions is helping other artists like myself to make their own beautiful art.​

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    I am running a challenge all about how to get out of a creative block and I would LOVE to have you join me! It’s a 3 day challenge and you can join at anytime! But what is it, you're asking? I have created 3 days of actionable art prompts where I show you how to make a mood board and how to create 7 art pieces inspired by it. This will be run as a free email challenge, so everyday during the challenge I will send you an email with the prompt for the day!
    When is it?
    ANYTIME! You'll receive the free prompts for 3 consecutive days after you sign up!
    How will I get the prompts?
    I will send you an email every morning during the 3 days of the challenge with the prompts and tutorials inside!
    I'm not a painter, Can I join?
    Yes! You can definitely adapt the prompts to different mediums!
    Where do I share my projects from the challenge?
    Share them on instagram with the hashtag #creativeblockchallenge and tag us @studio.katie and @shopstudiosisters

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