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You can do all this in 5 days, leaving you with extra time you didn’t know you had (heyyyy) for your family, making art, or soaking up some sunshine.

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    So, wanna scale your Etsy shop & make MAJOR improvements in just 5 days??

    In just 5 days, we’re going to:

    -Identify your niche so you can sell more products & FOCUS

    -Optimize your shop’s about page & sections

    -Fix common Etsy mistakes

    -Learn Etsy SEO basics

    -Set your intentions & start to plan for your shop’s future



    I know that in the past, all I wanted was a business bestie who already had experience growing her business and making it wildly successful to sit beside me and be like, “yes girl, this is exactly the thing you need to do next.”


    That’s why I created this free challenge, so I could help other small business owners like myself make more meaningful income and scale their Etsy shops!

    For 5 Days, you’ll get:

    -An email from me with an action-based assignment to improve your Etsy

     -Each day’s step will take around 30 minutes


    And the RESULTS....


    A fully optimized Etsy Shop Story & Sections to boost your algorithm ranking


    -You’ll be able to avoid the most common mistakes that Etsy sellers make (and know how to fix them!)

    -You’ll learn to use focus keywords in each listing & get a TON of resources on Etsy SEO

     -Establish your NICHE so you can make more $$$

     -You’ll leave feeling more confident in your plan to grow your business

    What are you waiting for? 

    When is it?
    You'll receive the assignments for 5 consecutive days after you sign up!
    How will I get the prompts?
    I will send you an email every morning during the challenge with tutorials and action-based assignment to improve your Etsy inside!
    Does it matter what I sell?
    Nope, this challenge can work for any type of etsy seller!
    I'm new to selling on etsy, Can I join?
    Absolutely Yes! This challenge is for anyone looking to improve their etsy shop, whether you're new to etsy or have been on it for years but need a boost.
    Can I share about the challenge?
    YES! Tell all of your friends! You can also share about the challenge on instagram with the hashtag #elevateyouretsyshop and tag us @shopstudiosisters

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