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Hey, we’re Taylor & Katie. We are Sisters, World Travelers, and we run a TOP 01%-ranked Etsy shop.

Studio Sisters sells creative courses & goods for entrepreneurs, artists, & weekend wanderers who want to live their dream lives. 


-Award-winning surrealist ARTIST.

-Self-taught painter inspired by nature.

-My art has been sold all around the world.

-Creativity is my way of life.


-Former Teacher-turned-CEO.

-Etsy Expert.

-Small Business Public Speaker.

-I love exploring the world.

We’re also sisters, btw.

After spending years running businesses separately and struggling to side hustle, in 2020 we combined our skills and talents to sell stickers & creative goods, running our dream business. 

Our Etsy shop is now ranked in the top 0.1% of all Etsy shops globally. 

Knowing that making and selling handmade products can be an incredible challenge, we teach small business owners how to get more sales and grow their businesses online, step-by-step, through our podcast and online courses.

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We followed our DREAM and we want you to do the same.


It’s totally possible for you to…

...make meaningful income selling your art online

...run a five or six-figure Etsy shop

...stop trading hours for dollars

....price your art without feeling guilty or sales-y

...lose the overwhelm

...find your true creative style that makes you unique


Why are we so confident?!?

Because we’re doing it.

We’ve sold more than 25,000 handmade products on Etsy since 2020.

We’ve made more than $100,000 on Etsy alone* 

*without paid ads.

We have the time to do everything we want including traveling, creating, and spending time with our family.

We know what we’re doing when it comes to Etsy and creative brands.

But let's be honest, It wasn’t always like this.

"​I used to be so lost when it came to marketing, pricing, and selling my art. One time I was asked to make some custom watercolor graphics for a company & I gave them a really, really low price. I just *hated* pricing and I felt guilty charging more. They emailed me back telling me my price was way too low and I was worth more than that, and they would pay me a higher amount instead.

It was embarrassing..."


"I used to think it was impossible to have enough time for creating and traveling around the world like I dreamed of. It seemed like an absolute this-or-that situation. I could either work every possible hour as an underpaid teacher just to make enough to pay my bills and never get the time off to travel or even just stay home and create something...or I could have the free time but never enough money for the things I wanted. I was literally trading dollars for hours of grading, just to be able to afford going out for coffee a couple times per week."


Back then, we had no clue about how to:

-Create products that customers want

-Price art to make a profit

-Market confidently with a strategy

-Do SEO keyword research on Etsy

-Build a social media brand that our customers LOVE

-Master the Etsy algorithm

So, we dedicated more than a year to researching and learning everything possible about selling on Etsy, creative business marketing, and brand growth. We dove into the deep, dark depths of the internet, applied all our research to our shop, tested strategies to make it work, and got MAJOR results. 


✨Our Etsy shop has given us the financial freedom to travel more, create more, and live more. ✨


Our handmade brand has given us an amazing opportunity to engage with our audience as they use our products in their travels, their positive daily habits, and their creative projects.


We. Feel. So. Much. Freedom. Now.


We’re here to tell you that you can make a living as a thriving artist.


You can make that big, scary, creative dream life happen with the freedom of selling your handmade products online. 


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We've also had our products featured in roundups in Parade, Good Housekeeping, Craftic, and CBS News.


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